LED Rechargeable Dog Leash Review

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I can finally admit it, I’m a nightwalker. That’s right! I prefer to walk the dog at night.  I live in a neighborhood with no sidewalks,  and very little street lighting.   I normally have to walk with a flashlight or a cell phone in my hand.  I prefer to focus on the walk and my  fluffy companion rather than trying to navigate unforeseen potholes in the road.

I was given the opportunity to review the light-up rechargeable dog leash by shinefordogs.com.  I’m very happy with this leash!  Not only does it light up, but it glows in color!    I chose blue, but I don’t think you could go wrong with any of the color choices.   The leash was designed with care.  It is a well thought out and quality constructed.  I appreciate how they made the hand loop have a bit of added grip inside the loop.  The light is easy to turn on and off with just a press of a button.

At ShineForDogs.com, 100% profits are donated to dogs in rescues and shelters.  So not only are you getting a very well made leash, you are supporting other dogs in need.   I liked this product so much that I have ordered the color as well.   I will be reviewing it shortly.

http://www.shinefordogs.com/product-category/led-rechargeable-dog-leash/  #shinefordogs


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