Shine for Dogs Collar Review

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I liked the leash so much, I had to have the collar. This collar is built like the leash, with quality.

I initially bought this collar for night time use only. The collar is so nice, we will be leaving it on her. We will only need to take this collar off to re-charge it.

Charging the caller is easy. Just plug the included USB cord in for half an hour, and you’re all set. The collar and leash did not come with a plug, but it is easy to just plug this into your computer or extra cell phone plug.

In just a couple of days I have been stopped by neighbors wanting the same collar and leash. I highly recommend the collar and leash to you and my neighbors. The bonus is that 100% off the profit goes to dog rescues and shelters.

Save a step and order both. #shinefordogs
I am glad I recieved this product at a discounted rate for my review, this discount did not affect my opinion of the item.


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