Smarson Bluetooth Digitizer Smart Pen Review

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I have been wanting a way to save my notes at meetings and digitize them.  The alternative is a desk filled with notes that I have to re-type or just lose.  The Smarson bluetooth digitizer does what I want plus more.   The digitizer is very simple to set up.  Just install the Smarson App, charge the pen and digitizer with the included cord, and pair it up.
Saving the note is quick.  Just hit the cut/scissor symbol and it will save as a jpg (I would love to see the app ad pdf option in the future).  The surprise for me was the recorded video of the actual note taking including audio.  I have a meeting coming up, so I cant wait to try it in the wild.  You can also include images or take photos and use them in the background of the app screen.  There are several colors, pen types and shapes that you can use.  These will only show up on the app screen of course.
If I were to rate this, I would give it a 4.5/5.  This is well thought out, and I can see with some small tweaks to the app, it could get 5 stars.  
   I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are that of my own. Pick one up here: #smarssen #bluetooth #digitizer #notetaking #notes #drawingvideo


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