EZ Grip BBQ Kit Review

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This is a great set, I picked up for myself, but would be a great present this holiday. These long hand spatulas are great at keeping me away from the heat, but are delicate enouph to get under fish. The EZ Grip grips are true to there names, and are comfortable in my hands. The included chopper/scrapper is perfect with my cast iron skillet BBQ style of cooking. The scrapper makes cleanup a breeze and may be my favorite piece in the set. I finally have a set of those squeeze bottles all the chefs use. I have water (for cleanup) in one, and olive oil in another. Since they are sealed it will keep debris and bugs out. I may have to change the water out to replace with homemade BBQ sauce, for easy spreading.

I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are that of my own.
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