Weed Dragon Vapor Torch Review

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First off this is the most fun I have had getting rid of weeds, ever. Spending our time on the walkway pulling weeds is not a well spent weekend. Torching weeds for a short period of time is efficient & genius. The ‘Weed Dragon’ is also easy to use and did I mention fun? During my initial use/review of the product my neighbors walked up with big eyes as I was touching my brick walkway. I quickly mentioned how this is a environmentally/chemically free way to rid my bricks of weeds. They were both impressed, interested and stayed to watch. His wife thought it was great and he wanted to play with the fire too.

Th ‘Weed Dragon’ is a bit intimidating at first, but once I used it, it became comfortable. The biggest thing I recommend before use is to give it a bubble test. Grab a spray bottle with a little dish soap and water and spray it over all the joints when the device is hooked up to gas and not flaming (see instructions included). Make sure you are wearing pants, long sleeve shirt and gloves for safety. Most importantly keep the tank and hose behind you. You don’t want to hit the hose or tank with the flame as you are working. The flame is very controllable. There is an easy valve for controlling the size of flame. In my review video I torched the weeds more than the needed. Apparently all you need to do is hit them for a second and the heat will kill the cell structure.

Now I can weed-out our decorative rock area as well without knuckling threw the rocks and killing my fingers. The green ‘Weed Dragon’ is good looking, fun to use and works great.

I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are that of my own. Pick up a Weed Dragon here:

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